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  Lesson Plans for
Easy-To-Read Wonder Tales:
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  Comparing Stories <empty>
  Sequencing Stories  
  Readers’ Theatre  
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  Lesson Plans and Worksheets
for Easy-To-Read Wonder Tales Books:

It’s Not About the Crumbs! (Hansel and Gretel stories)
It’s Not About the Apple! (Snow White stories)
It’s Not About the Hunter! (Red Riding Hood stories)
It’s Not About the Rose! (Beauty and the Beast stories)
It’s Not About the Pumpkin! (Cinderella stories)

For use in Language and Fairy Tales Units in Elementary grades


Lesson Plans:

• Comparing Stories
• Sequencing the Stories’ Events
• Readers’ Theatre

Click on the links above or from the menu on the left to download the lesson plans and worksheets.



Students will:
• read and listen to the stories in the books
• compare/contrast the stories from different cultures
• identify basic literary terms
• foster critical thinking skills
• create a graphic/written response to the stories
• perform stories as a Readers’ Theatre
• engage in student-centered, cooperative group work



These materials are free for educational use. Reproduction or distribution for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.

Easy-To-Read Wonder Tales are published by Tundra Books.

Easy-To-Read Wonder Tales    
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