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  Don't Open The Door!
  Don't Walk Alone At Night!
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The Easy-To-Read Spooky Tales Series!!
Written by Veronika Martenova Charles
Illustrated by David Parkins

Ten first books for fledgling readers that are sure to delight the younger crowd (and the older one, too) Easy-To-Read Spooky Tales offer a little shiver of anticipation along with the thrill of accomplishment. Heavily illustrated and broken into short, easy phrases, each book features the same three characters telling multicultural stories based on a cautionary theme.

Now available in French. The complete series is now available in French, published by ERPI. For more information click here.


• Canadian Children's Book Centre Best Books 2008 & 2009

Canadian Children's Book News
"These easy readers will surely spark a love for the folktale genre, introduce the power and pleasure of storytelling, and encourage kids to read and be storytellers themselves."

Resource Links
"...a perfect choice for younger students who are looking for a spooky (but not spooky enough to cause nightmares) story. ...excellent additions to any elementary school library and are perfect for recommending without the teacher-librarian having to be concerned about content that is too scary for a young audience."

CM Magazine
"These are noteworthy books … Recommended."

The Muskokan / Kid’s BookBag
Canadian author/illustrator Veronika Charles and the English graphic artist David Parkins combine their considerable talents to create three child characters whose fictional encounters with real life dangers are juxtaposed in a fantasy of otherworldly creatures.”

Quill & Quire
“ this book promises gory fun on its cover and delivers it. ... The vocabulary, sentence structure, and large print suggest that Don't Open the Door! is suitable for children aged seven to 10 read on their own; it would also entertain younger audiences who like a slightly more thrilling read-aloud. … Charles aptly combines comedy and horror in an entertainingly spooky read that won't leave children needing to sleep with the lights on."

Canadian Children’s Book News
"For centuries elders have been telling "caution tales" to keep their children safe. Veronika Martenova Charles has found the ideal way to share these same warnings in a delightful Easy-to-Read series."

New Canadian Novels
"This collection of short stories would serve well as an independent read, could be motivational for reluctant older readers, may be used in late elementary for students to practice story telling skills and may be read aloud during a unit on multiculturalism. The non-ending of the last tale leaves a wide space for brainstorming, creative writing, and extension into drama and art."

The Record (Kitchener)
“The age-old childhood admonishment "Don't go near the water!" takes on new meaning in this latest in an easy-to-read spooky tales series. … Folk tales from England, Hawaii and central Europe are the inspiration for all three boys' stories… Toronto author Veronika Martenova Charles spins some edge-of-your seat reading here.”


Spooky Tales illustrations David Parkins. Spooky Tales published by Tundra Books. Cover artwork used with permission. All rights reserved.

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© copyright Veronika Martenova Charles. Artwork used by permission. Spooky Tales artwork by David Parker. Website by Hoffworks