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Hey! What's That Sound?
Written & Illustrated by Veronika Martenova Charles

If it's a ring, a ding, a splash or a crash, you can be sure it has something to do with Aunt Minnie. She is the funniest, happiest, noisiest aunt who ever came to visit, and now she's inviting you to join in and make some noise of your own.


• Canadian Children's Book Centre "Our Choice" Award, 1995

The Toronto Sun
"This bright, enthusiastic new book is bound to become a big hit ... When (Aunt Minnie's) around, things are fun -- and noisy. It's a book that will involve youngsters in the repetitive question and answer format. They'll also love the bright, humourous full-colour illustrations. "

Quill & Quire
"This happy, friendly story has a well-structured text that will sustain repeated reading. Each sound ... invites the reader to mimic and then discover its source. The exuberant pictures are busy and exaggerated without being distorted, and this (is a) fun, 'interactive' reading experience…"

London Free Press
"This clever pattern book would make an excellent nap-time book for young children, who will enjoy the antics... Every action is preceded by a sound... The story comes to a clever ending..."

Kitchener- Waterloo Record
"(An) excellent book … encourage(s) readers to make sounds to accompany the script. This is ideal. ... encourages creativity while reinforcing the names of objects around the house. ... This story is well suited to reading aloud to a group: no one will fidget because everyone can provide sound effects... "

City Parent
"Following the boisterous aunt ... we are encouraged to create the sound effects - a delightful, interactive element in a happy story. ...vivid colours (are used) to strike a louder brassier tone more in keeping with a story that asks children to provide the sounds ..."

Canadian Book Review Annual
"Recommended. ...definitely fun but at the same time offers youngsters the cognitive challenge of matching sounds to pictures. ... The visual art explicitly relates to the text and separate close-ups of items help children to focus on each particular sound. The examples used are familiar; the story is easy to follow and easy for young children to identify with. The illustrations are colorful and vivid, with enough detail and unexpected touches to keep them interesting. All in all, a successful choice for a preschool storytime."

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currently out of print

Cover artwork used with permission.
All rights reserved.

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